Medieval Settlement Research No. 26, 2011

Research papers

English landscapes and identities. The early medieval landscape: a perspective from the past pp. 1-10
Chris Gosden and Letty Ten Harkel

Populating Monte Asprano: a medieval settlement network in central Italy pp. 11-20
Sabrina Pietrobono

Northumberland bastles: origin and distribution pp. 21-33
Robin Christopherson

Conservation options: assessing the cultural significance of three 16th century tower houses in the Scottish borders pp. 34-47
Matt Ritchie

News and reports

Test pit excavation within currently occupied rural settlements – results of the HEFA CORS project 2010 pp. 48-59
Carenza Lewis

Medieval and later settlement around Chassenon (Charente), France: fieldwork in 2011 pp. 60-66
Sam Turner and Jane Webster

The Winscombe Project, Somerset 2010 pp. 67-69
Mick Aston and Teresa Hall

Llanfor South fieldwork and dating analysis pp. 70-73
Tudur Davies

Cistercian Settlement in the southern Cotswolds p.74
Russel Weston

Philip Rahtz and medieval rural settlement pp. 75-78
Christopher Dyer

Book Reviews pp. 79-88
Ed. Neil Christie

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