One of the principal aims of the MSRG is to increase public awareness of the subject by spreading information about medieval settlement as widely as possible, offering advice and information to individuals and organisations conducting research into the subject area.


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Heritage Asset: Medieval Settlements

English Heritage have provided a suite of ‘Introductions to Heritage Assets’ documents, available online and offering detailed overviews of the different categories of archaeological asset. The Medieval Settlement description, authored by Dr. Paul Stamper (MSRG President 2006-2011) and published in May 2011, provides a valuable introductory guide to the subject.

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MED-SETTLEMENT is a JISC M@il discussion list for those involved in, or with a particular interest in, the study of the history, geography and archaeology of medieval rural settlements. The discussion list provides an easy way to make contact with like-minded people, keep abreast of new discoveries, or learn about conferences, meeting, field visits and other events.

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See the Archaeology Data Service for Open Access papers, back issues of Medieval Settlement Research, and the back catalogues of Annual Reports of the Medieval Settlement Research Group, the Medieval Village Research Group, the Deserted Medieval Village Research Group and the Moated Sites Research Group.