Marco Panato

Name: Marco Panato

Institution: Department of History, University of Nottingham


Project Details: PhD (2016-2019) The Carolingian Po valley. Environment, society and economy of an early medieval river (8th-9th century, northern Italy).

Supervisor(s) Prof Ross Balzaretti and Prof Mark Pearce

Research Overview:

My research project is focused on the Carolingian economy and society in fluvial spaces, in particular on the Po river in northern Italy during the 8th and 9th century. I promote interdisciplinary methodological research combining, historical, archaeological and geo-environmental data in order to have a clearer picture of the landscape from different points of view. I, therefore, divide the research following three main subjects: environment, society and economy. The purpose is to analyse the role played by the river in socio-economic dynamics at the end of the early middle ages, during the passage from the Lombard to the Carolingian domination in northern Italy. The final aim is to reconsider the influence that the Carolingians had in northern Italy, starting the analysis from a natural element: the river.