Gerben Verbrugghe

Gerben Verbrugghe

Name: Gerben Verbrugghe
Institution: Department of Archaeology, Ghent University (Flanders, Belgium)
Project Details: PhD (2016-2020) Little Flanders beyond Wales. A landscape archaeological contribution to the discussion of Flemish influence on settlements landscapes in the British Isles.

Supervisor(s) Prof. Dr. Wim De Clercq (Ghent), Prof. Dr. Steven Vanderputten (Ghent), Prof. Dr. Veerle Van Eetvelde (Ghent) and close collaboration with Prof. Stephen Rippon (Exeter)

Research Overview:

Gerben Verbrugghe is currently affiliated as a full-time PhD Candidate to the Department of Archaeology at Ghent University. Having obtained a doctoral scholarship from the Special Research Fund in November 2016 he started his research within the Historical Archaeology Research Group (HARG) of Prof. Dr. Wim De Clercq, combining a passion for historical archaeology and landscape research. Prior to this he received an MA in Archaeology and MSc in Geography at Ghent University, gaining a distinction for both pieces of work. His dissertations included the landscape archaeology and historical geography of rural enclosure structures and Roman roads in northern Flanders, combining geophysical prospections, fieldwalking, LiDAR, aerial photography, historical cartography and GIS. His research on the Roman roads has been published in the Journal of Historical Geography.

Through his PhD research ‘Little Flanders beyond Wales’ he studies the rural settlement landscapes of the high medieval County of Flanders to allow better understanding of influences on and commonalities with the settlement landscapes in South Wales following a medieval Flemish migration to the region.

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