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In light of the continuing war in Ukraine, MSRG has decided to postpone the seminar planned for 9th April 2022 on infrastructure archaeology and rural settlement in eastern central Europe. This would have included speakers from countries involved in and adjacent to the war and accordingly, while MSRG believes strongly in the principle and value of open and friendly academic collegiality across nations and borders, the time is not right for anyone to enjoy sharing experience and discussing strategies in this area. In addition, boycotts, censorship and infrastructure damage may make it impossible for some to take part.

We plan to run the next seminar in this series as planned, in October 2022 focusing on western and Mediterranean Europe, and then consider the best options for the eastern central Europe seminar thereafter, depending on the international situation. Whatever happens, we hope to publish the papers and continue to make the videos of the presentations available, to help share knowledge and ideas in these difficult times.

The President and Committee of MSRG

Spring Conference 2022

Saturday 21st May 2022

Coastal settlement and landscape:
exploring relationships between land and sea

09:50Welcome and opening
10:00David Petts, Durham University
Medieval fishing landscapes in Northumberland
10:30David Griffiths, University of Oxford
Medieval coastal sites in sand dune areas
11:20Caitlin Green, University of Cambridge
Missing Lincs: medieval settlement, drowned villages, and lost islands on the Lincolnshire coastline
11:50Gillian Draper, University of Kent
How much did it matter? The sea and settlement on the south-east coast of England
12:30Lunch Break
13:30Peter Brown, Radboud University
Dealing with disaster: settlements, society and natural hazards in medieval Britain
14:00Maily Serra, Freelance Archaeologist
Coastal settlements and landscapes in Medieval Sardinia (Italy): the case of the Kingdom of Calari
14:50Solenn Troadec, Harvard University
Cemeteries, coastal spaces and maritime connections in the western Channel (c.650-1050 AD)
15:20Keynote Speaker: Tim Soens, University of Antwerp
Villages on the move. Coastal settlement, adaptation and maladaptation to climate extremes and environmental change in late medieval Flanders
16:00Summary and close

Medieval Settlement and Infrastructure Archaeology 3:
Central and Eastern Europe

Saturday 9th April 2022, 10:00 – 13:00 BST

Carenza Lewis
University of Lincoln
Welcome and Introduction
Claudia Theune
University of Vienna
‘Infrastructure archaeology and medieval rural settlement in Austria’
Edit Sárosi
Budapest History Museum
Tibor Ákos Rácz
Ferenczy Museum Centre
Gábor Wilhelm
Katona József Múzeum
‘Infrastructure archaeology and medieval settlement in Hungary’
Paweł Duma
University of Wroclaw
‘Infrastructure archaeology and medieval rural settlement in Poland’
Nikolaj Makarov
Russian Academy of Sciences
‘Infrastructure archaeology and medieval rural settlement in Russia’

Medieval settlement and infrastructure archaeology seminar series 2021-2022

The inaugural seminar in this series took place in April 2021, and was so successful that we decided to extend it to four seminars, rather than the two originally planned. Papers from our first and second seminars, featuring current work in the UK and Ireland and northern and central Europe, are now available to view on our YouTube channel.

Previous seminar:

Medieval settlement and infrastructure archaeology 2: Northern and Central Europe

  • Carenza Lewis (University of Lincoln), Welcome and Introduction ‘Medieval settlement: routes and roots’
  • Wim de Clerq, Ewoud Deschepper and Gerben Verbrugge (Ghent University) and Johan Hoorne (Hoorne & De Logi Archaeology), ‘Four decades of rural archaeology in the medieval county of Flanders. The impact of developer-led archaeology’
  • Mette Svart Kristiansen (Aarhus University), ‘Infrastructure archaeology and medieval rural settlement in Denmark’
  • Pavel Vařeka (University of West Bohemia), ‘Infrastructure archaeology and medieval settlement in Czech Republic’
  • Rainer Schreg (Otto-Friedrich Universität Bamberg) and Aline Kottmann (Landesamt für Denkmalpflege, Esslingen), ‘Infrastructure projects and rural development and medieval settlement archaeology in southern and western Germany’

The next seminar in this series is currently in planning, so watch this space for further information on the dates and the programme. Please contact Dr Susan Kilby if you have any questions.

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