Kye Coulson

Name: Kye Coulson

Institution: University of Hull


Project Details: Masters of Research (2019-2021) The Deserted Medieval Villages of the East Riding of Yorkshire. A landscape study investigating correlations and causations of desertion.

Supervisors: Dr Helen Fenwick

Research Overview: My Masters of Research is focused on the Deserted Medieval Villages (DMVs) of the East Riding of Yorkshire. As this is a landscape study, the East Riding of Yorkshire will be divided into five areas: the Vale of York, Humberhead Levels, Yorkshire Wolds, Holderness and the Humber Estuary. Villages within these areas will be assessed and analysed in detail, including the date of their genesis and the date of their desertion as well as the reasons for their abandonment. The purpose of this is to look for trends in the different areas to see if certain areas exhibited different patterns of desertion than others and to explore if some regions were more successful than others. Ultimately this investigation is a natural progression of my BA Hons. Dissertation, which investigated why desertion occurred in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

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