Past Events


Medieval Settlement and Infrastructure Archaeology Seminar Series

Seminar One: Medieval settlement and infrastructure archaeology in the UK and Ireland, Saturday 24th April 2021. Please click here to view these papers via our YouTube channel.


New Discoveries in the Cambridge Region: Medieval Settlement in the A14 Corridor and its Wider Context, Medieval Settlement Research Group One-Day Spring Conference, 2019

Hosted in collaboration with MOLA Headland Infrastructure and held at the University of Cambridge on Saturday 30th March 2019.


8 December
Settlement in the Danelaw, MSRG Winter Seminar 2018

Centre for English Local History at the University of Leicester, Leicester

20-22 April
Forest, Woodland and Settlement, MSRG Spring Conference 2018
Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury


9 December
Animals in Medieval Settlements, MSRG Winter Seminar 2017
Centre for English Local History at the University of Leicester

29-30 April
Power and Place in the Middle Ages
Newcastle University


29 April – 1 May
Recent archaeological research in rural settlements in Eastern England
University of Lincoln


4-6 September
Churches and Settlement: Rural Churches and the Medieval Landscape


13 December
Winter Seminar – Medieval Settlement and Landscape: New Work and New Themes
University of Leicester


25-26 April
A joint Landscape Research Group/MSRG conference – Medieval Perceptions of Landscape
University of Exeter, Cornwall Campus


23-24 March
Spring Conference – Wharram: past, present and future
The King’s Manor, University of York

1 December
Winter Seminar & AGM
Faculty of History, University of Oxford


Spring Conference: Medieval Settlement in the North West
Centre for North-West Regional Studies, University of Lancaster

Winter Seminar 25th AGM – Heartland to frontier: the Tees-Forth region in the Middle Ages
Great North Museum, Hancock, Newcastle


Spring Conference: Medieval parks: recent research
Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education

Winter Seminar & AGM: Exploring medieval waterways and bridges
Centre for English Local History, University of Leicester


Spring Conference: Monks in the Midlands
School of Archaeology & Ancient History, University of Leicester

Winter Seminar & AGM: Marshland landscapes, settlement and economy
Centre for Local History, Institute of Historical Research, University of London


Spring Conference: The Multiple Estate Revisited: Territories, Resources and Society in Early Medieval Britain
McDonald Institute, Downing Street, University of Cambridge

Winter Seminar & AGM: Fishing, Transhumance and Woodland in Medieval Britain: in memory of Harold Fox
Centre for English Local History, University of Leicester


Spring Conference: Anglo-Saxon Landscapes
in conjunction with University of Manchester

Winter Seminar & AGM: Perceptions of medieval landscapes and settlements
Centre for English Local History, University of Leicester


Spring Conference: Medieval Settlement Studies in Northumberland
Northumberland National Park, Hexham

Winter Seminar & AGM: Region and Place/Place and Region: Debating Wrathmell and Roberts
McDonald Research Centre, University of Cambridge


Spring Conference: The Medieval Village in ‘Woodland’ and ‘Champion’ Landscapes
Wolfson College, University of Cambridge

Winter Seminar & AGM: Finds in the Landscape: From Saxon to Medieval
Centre for English Local History, University of Leicester


Spring Conference 1: Villages and Landscapes in the Middle Ages. Recent Surveys and Explorations Department of Continuing Education, University of Oxford

Spring Conference 2: The history and archaeology of medieval Carlow
with the Group for the Study of Irish Historic Settlement, County Carlow, Ireland

Winter Seminar & AGM: Diet and Health in the Medieval Countryside: The Archaeological Evidence
Centre for English Local History, University of Leicester


Spring Conference: Settlement and agriculture in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset
Department of Lifelong Learning, University of Exeter

Winter Seminar & AGM: tribute to John Hurst The contribution of pottery studies to medieval settlement research
Centre for English Local History, University of Leicester


Spring Conference: Medieval or Later Rural Settlement in Scotland: 10 Years On
Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland, University of Edinburgh

Winter Seminar & AGM: celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Group, Medieval Settlement Studies – Past, Present and Future
Birkbeck College, London