Past Events



21 May
Spring Conference 2022
Coastal settlement and landscape: exploring relationships between land and sea


Medieval Settlement and Infrastructure Archaeology Seminar Series

Seminar One: Medieval settlement and infrastructure archaeology 1: UK and Ireland
Saturday 24th April 2021.

Seminar two: Medieval settlement and infrastructure archaeology 2: Northern and Central Europe

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New Discoveries in the Cambridge Region: Medieval Settlement in the A14 Corridor and its Wider Context, Medieval Settlement Research Group One-Day Spring Conference, 2019

Hosted in collaboration with MOLA Headland Infrastructure and held at the University of Cambridge on Saturday 30th March 2019.


8 December
Settlement in the Danelaw, MSRG Winter Seminar 2018

Centre for English Local History at the University of Leicester, Leicester

20-22 April
Forest, Woodland and Settlement, MSRG Spring Conference 2018
Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury


9 December
Animals in Medieval Settlements, MSRG Winter Seminar 2017
Centre for English Local History at the University of Leicester

29-30 April
Power and Place in the Middle Ages
Newcastle University


29 April – 1 May
Recent archaeological research in rural settlements in Eastern England
University of Lincoln


4-6 September
Churches and Settlement: Rural Churches and the Medieval Landscape


13 December
Winter Seminar – Medieval Settlement and Landscape: New Work and New Themes
University of Leicester


25-26 April
A joint Landscape Research Group/MSRG conference – Medieval Perceptions of Landscape
University of Exeter, Cornwall Campus


23-24 March
Spring Conference – Wharram: past, present and future
The King’s Manor, University of York

1 December
Winter Seminar & AGM
Faculty of History, University of Oxford


Spring Conference: Medieval Settlement in the North West
Centre for North-West Regional Studies, University of Lancaster

Winter Seminar 25th AGM – Heartland to frontier: the Tees-Forth region in the Middle Ages
Great North Museum, Hancock, Newcastle


Spring Conference: Medieval parks: recent research
Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education

Winter Seminar & AGM: Exploring medieval waterways and bridges
Centre for English Local History, University of Leicester


Spring Conference: Monks in the Midlands
School of Archaeology & Ancient History, University of Leicester

Winter Seminar & AGM: Marshland landscapes, settlement and economy
Centre for Local History, Institute of Historical Research, University of London


Spring Conference: The Multiple Estate Revisited: Territories, Resources and Society in Early Medieval Britain
McDonald Institute, Downing Street, University of Cambridge

Winter Seminar & AGM: Fishing, Transhumance and Woodland in Medieval Britain: in memory of Harold Fox
Centre for English Local History, University of Leicester


Spring Conference: Anglo-Saxon Landscapes
in conjunction with University of Manchester

Winter Seminar & AGM: Perceptions of medieval landscapes and settlements
Centre for English Local History, University of Leicester


Spring Conference: Medieval Settlement Studies in Northumberland
Northumberland National Park, Hexham

Winter Seminar & AGM: Region and Place/Place and Region: Debating Wrathmell and Roberts
McDonald Research Centre, University of Cambridge


Spring Conference: The Medieval Village in ‘Woodland’ and ‘Champion’ Landscapes
Wolfson College, University of Cambridge

Winter Seminar & AGM: Finds in the Landscape: From Saxon to Medieval
Centre for English Local History, University of Leicester


Spring Conference 1: Villages and Landscapes in the Middle Ages. Recent Surveys and Explorations Department of Continuing Education, University of Oxford

Spring Conference 2: The history and archaeology of medieval Carlow
with the Group for the Study of Irish Historic Settlement, County Carlow, Ireland

Winter Seminar & AGM: Diet and Health in the Medieval Countryside: The Archaeological Evidence
Centre for English Local History, University of Leicester


Spring Conference: Settlement and agriculture in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset
Department of Lifelong Learning, University of Exeter

Winter Seminar & AGM: tribute to John Hurst The contribution of pottery studies to medieval settlement research
Centre for English Local History, University of Leicester


Spring Conference: Medieval or Later Rural Settlement in Scotland: 10 Years On
Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland, University of Edinburgh

Winter Seminar & AGM: celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Group, Medieval Settlement Studies – Past, Present and Future
Birkbeck College, London