Dr Letty ten Harkel

letty-ten-harkel_2017Committee, 2012 –

Institute of Archaeology
University of Oxford
34-36 Beaumont Street
Oxford, OX1 2PG
Email: letty.tenharkel@arch.ox.ac.uk

Letty is an early medievalist with a wide-ranging interest in all aspects of medieval landscape and settlement, both rural and urban. Originally from the Netherlands, she moved to the UK in 2002 to study for an MA in Medieval Archaeology at the University of York, and has been active in English archaeology ever since. Following several years as a commercial archaeologist with the Cambridge Archaeological Unit (CAU), she carried out her PhD research at the University of Sheffield, focusing on the development of the City of Lincoln and the surrounding region in Viking-Age Lincolnshire. She started working for the University of Oxford in 2011, where she joined the English Landscapes and Identities project, which investigated the long-term history of the English landscape from the Bronze Age to the Norman Conquest, as the team’s early medieval researcher. It was during this time that she first joined the MSRG committee as an ordinary committee member. In this period she also set up a project investigating the human remains from the early medieval trading site at Domburg, SW Netherlands, which was partially funded by an MSRG Research Grant. Her most recent work has led her far away from the British Isles, as she is currently employed by the EAMENA (Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa) project, also based at the University of Oxford. This cutting-edge project employs satellite imagery and aerial photography to chart the survival and condition of archaeological sites of all periods in the entire region, from Oman to Mauritania. However, she retains a strong interest in medieval settlement archaeology in the North Sea region, and is delighted to return to the MSRG committee as the Editor of the society’s peer-reviewed journal, Medieval Settlement Research. For more information, or to submit a paper or report, please contact her at Medieval.Settlement.Research@gmail.com.

For more information and publications, see http://oxford.academia.edu/LettytenHarkel