Medieval Settlement Research No. 25, 2010

Research papers

Two thousand years of landscape in a Mediterranean country pp. 1-10
Jordi Bolòs

Towards a predictive model of early medieval settlement location: a case study from the Vale of Glamorgan pp. 11-20
Andrew Seaman

The distribution of two- and three-field systems in south Cambridgeshire before about 1350 pp. 21-31
Susan Oosthuizen

Medieval bridges: past and future. The current state of knowledge and proposals for future research pp. 32-39
David Harrison

Still looking at cows: Little Wilbraham, Cambridgeshire pp. 40-44
Christopher Taylor

News and reports

England’s fortified medieval bridges and bridge chapels: a new survey pp. 45-51
David Harrison, Peter McKeague and Bruce Watson

Rural settlements in Bohemia in the ‘Age of Transition’ (14th-16th century): research concepts & preliminary report pp. 52-61
Tomáš Klír

Air photographic analysis and mapping of a monastic grange at Cold Cam Farm, Oldstead, North Yorkshire pp. 62-65
Tara-Jane Sutcliffe

The Winscombe Project, Somerset 2010 pp. 66-68
Mick Aston and Teresa Hall

The South Oxfordshire Project p. 69
Stephen Mileson

Hilda Elizabeth Jean Le Patourel (1915-2011) p.70
Paul Stamper

Keith Allison (1930-2009) p. 71
Paul Stamper

John Hurst Dissertation Prize Essay – A different world? Reconstructing the peasant environment in medieval Elton pp. 72-77
Susan Kilby

Book Reviews pp. 78-84
Ed. Neil Christie

MSRG Bibliography for 2010 pp. 85-87
Jill Campbell

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