The war in Ukraine:

As an organisation promoting research into historic rural communities across Europe, MSRG, along with many other similar organisations, strongly condemns the invasion of Ukraine by troops of the Russian Federation in violation of international law.

Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine including colleagues there, and we stand in solidarity with the open letter from scientists in Russia who are courageously speaking out against the war. The heritage community, even a small society such as MSRG, must remain a place of respectful discourse even in difficult times.

Disregard for national and international law, especially for human rights, civil liberties and scientific freedom, pose a grave threat to the advancement of knowledge and understanding which needs peace, legal security and the freedom to exchange information and ideas without hindrance, throughout communities, and across borders.

War risks damage to cultural heritage and we strongly oppose any action which might risk damage to historical monuments including rural settlements.

The President and Committee of the Medieval Settlement Research Group