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Winter Seminar 2016

Celebrating the Medieval Settlement Research Group’s 30th Birthday

Winter Seminar at the University of Leicester, 10 December 2016wp_20161210_14_50_43_pro

2016 marked the first thirty years of the MSRG in its present incarnation (it originated as the Deserted Medieval Village Research Group in 1952) and it seemed a good idea to the committee to celebrate this milestone in the life of the longest-established special interest group in the country. We thought it would be interesting to look both backwards and forwards at the development of medieval settlement studies and with this in mind we asked five eminent specialists to tackle different aspects during the afternoon. Between fifty and sixty members and friends gathered to hear five talks in what is often perceived to be the spiritual home of the MSRG, the university of Leicester, and to partake of birthday cake at the mid-afternoon break. Continue reading