Medieval Settlement Research No. 28, 2013

Research papers

SKMBT_C45414052916480_0001Medieval deserted villages in Alava, Spain: the Zaballa project
Juan Antonio Quirós Castillo

The late Antique and early medieval habitat and church on the Monte S. Martino, Riva del Garda district, north Italy
G. Bellosi, A. Granata, N. Pisu, N. Christie and Patricia Baker

The Isle of Wight in the English landscape: medieval and post-medieval rural settlement and land use
Vicky Basford

Shrinkage of settlement in Steventon, Berkshire (now Oxon), 1380 – 1560
C.R.J. Currie

Westerdale: the development of a medieval settlement and the influence of the Knights Templar
Carol Wilson

John Hurst Dissertation Prize

Brief lives: the non-adults from two neighbouring Anglo-Saxon cemeteries in Norton, Cleveland
Anna Katerina Fotaki

News and Reports

Mick Aston and his contribution to medieval settlement studies
Christopher Dyer

MSRG Spring Conference (Falmouth 2013, 25-26 April): how did people in medieval Cornwall perceive their environment?
Graham Fairclough and Peter Herring

West Backworth: a deserted medieval village and its wider context
David Astbury

The Winscombe Project, Somerset, 2012
Mick Aston and Teresa Hall

Englands fieldnames on Odcombe Parish, Somerset
James Gerrard, Sally Gerrard and Andy Agate

Test pit excavation within currently occupied rural settlements – results of the University of Cambridge CORS project in 2012
Carenza Lewis

On Landguard Point
Carenza Lewis

Medieval and later settlement around Chassenon (Charente), France: fieldwork in 2012
Sam Turner, Jane Webster and Maria Duggan

Debate: the Emperor’s old clothes and the origins of medieval nucleated settlements and their open fields
Susan Oosthuizen

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