Medieval Settlement Research No. 27, 2012

Research Papers

New approaches to old issues: the application of predictive maps in archaeology
Carlo Citter and Antonia Arnoldus-Huyzendveld

A fanfare for the noble man? The rise of Wharram’s manorial site
Paul Everson and David Stocker

Medieval settlement on the Garron plateau of Northern Ireland
Mark Gardiner

Medieval settlement research in north-west England: revisiting the regional research framework
Richard Newman

News and Reports

The Origins of Wessex pilot project: the archaeology of the Gewisse
Helena Hamerow, Christopher Ferguson and John Naylor

Test pit excavation within currently occupied rural settlements – results of the University of Cambridge CORS project in 2011
Carenza Lewis

Inherited landscapes. The fields of Britannia project: interim report
Stephen Rippon, Chris Smart, Ben Pears and Fiona Fleming

Wharram: past, present and future
Paul Stamper

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