Medieval Settlement Research Number 34, 2019


The development of settlements and routes through the Weald c. 1000–1500, with a case-study of a secondary ‘pilgrim route’ in Sussex

Gillian Draper

On the fringe? Medieval green-side settlement at Fox Lane, Darsham, Suffolk

Antony R.R. Mustchin, Peter Thompson, John R. Summers and Julia E.M. Cussans

Investigation of a Late Saxon estate centre in Barley, Hertfordshire

Tom Woolhouse

John Hurst Prize

Novum Rollarium. An introductory case study on planted grouped settlements in the context of high medieval landscape reclamations in the county of Flanders and beyond

Gerben Verbrugghe


Test pit excavation within currently occupied rural settlements: Results of the English CORS project in 2018

Carenza Lewis

Well Head deserted medieval hamlet, Teesdale: Survey and excavations in 2017 and 2018

Martin Green and Paul Frodsham

R.F. Hartley’s survey work in Leicestershire, 1979–2018

Christopher Dyer

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Edited by Neil Christie

MSRG Bibliography for 2018

Compiled by Andy Ford