Medieval Settlement Research Number 33, 2018



In search of the Viking Great Army: beyond the winter camps 

D.M. Hadley and J.D. Richards

Archaeological small finds recording in the Netherlands: the framework and some preliminary results of the project Portable Antiquities of the Netherlands (PAN)

Mirjam Kars and Stijn Heeren

Human settlement and environment in the medieval Bassa Romagna (Ravenna, Italy) c. 800–1200

Celeste Fiorotto


An incredible journey? Understanding ancient landscapes from England to the Middle East and North Africa 

Letty ten Harkel and Robert Bewley


Origins of the Norman ‘new town’ of Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

Jonathan Hunn and Nicholas Doggett

Another kind of park in coastal Lincolnshire?

I.G. Simmons

Kidpile moated site, in the medieval manor of Solihull

Malcolm Cook

Test pit excavation within currently occupied rural settlements: results of the English CORS project in 2017

Carenza Lewis

The use of gypsum-plaster and lime-ash for flooring in medieval East Midlands: evidence from Bingham, Nottinghamshire

Peter M. Allen and Anthony H. Cooper

A seventh-century ‘great hall complex’ at Long Wittenham, Oxfordshire

Helena Hamerow and Adam McBride

Sylva Foundation – House of Wessex project: a project celebrating the origins of the Kingdom of the West Saxons

Lesley Best

Manifestations of Empire: palaeoenvironmental analysis and the end of Roman Britain

Tudur Davies, Stephen Rippon and Andy Seaman

Lawrence Butler †

Paul Stamper, with contributions from family, friends and former colleagues

Lawrence Butler at Faxton (Northamptonshire) 1966–1968

Christopher Gerrard

Book Reviews
Edited by Neil Christie


MSRG Bibliography for 2017
Compiled by Andy Ford

Italian Bibliography for 2017

Compiled by Maily Serra


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