Paul Everson

eversonVice President, 2012 –

6 Monks Lane
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Paul Everson is a field archaeologist, whose interests embrace the complexity and interrelationships of remains in the landscape (that are often studied separately) and whose work explores the significance of buildings and places. Now retired, his professional career until 2006 was in the public service with the former Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England and English Heritage. He took the lead in fieldwork and writing that produced the Commission’s study of medieval and later settlement in Lincolnshire, Change and Continuity, and has recently contributed to the Group’s publication on medieval settlement studies and to the final volume of the Wharram studies, both 2012. His long-standing collaboration with Professor David Stocker has produced a number of major publications in which aspects of the church’s integral place in medieval settlement have been explored, notably Summoning St Michael in 2006 and Custodians of Continuity?, a study of rituality in the landscape of Barlings Abbey in Lincolnshire, in 2011.