Stuart Wrathmell

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Heritage Consultant

Stuart’s research interests in medieval and later rural settlements were initially focused on Northumberland, where he supervised and helped to publish the reports on the excavations at West Whelpington deserted village, and where he carried out wider research on rural settlements for his PhD thesis. He subsequently supervised at the Wharram Percy excavations, and later managed the Wharram post-excavation and publication project, editing and contributing to eight monographs published by the University of York, the last in 2012. In the 1990s he was commissioned by English Heritage to review designations of all recorded medieval rural settlement sites as part of the Monument Protection Programme, work which led to a series of publications, co-authored with Brian Roberts, on wider aspects of rural settlement patterning and diversity. His current interests include the patterning of rural settlement and woodland from Roman times onwards, and the relationship of place-name and archaeological evidence in the context of the creation of Anglo-Saxon settlements and their territories.

For more information about Stuart’s current projects see his website