Dr Helen Fenwick

Membership Secretary, 2019-

Helen Fenwick is Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Hull. She is co-director of the Beresford’s Lost Villages website project, producing an accessible resource on the deserted villages listed in the 1971 publication ‘Deserted Medieval Villages’ edited by Maurice Beresford and John Hurst, one of the publications that came out of the early research of the Medieval Village Research Group. During this project she is also delving into the depths of the archive of the Medieval Village Research Group investigating the history of the lists of deserted villages that have been compiled and how these have evolved over time. She is now spearheading the project to make the collective MSRG archive more accessible and to produce a full catalogue before it is deposited at the Hull History Centre. She has a long history of medieval settlement research, taking part as a volunteer in the last couple of seasons at Wharram Percy, investigating moated sites of lowland Yorkshire as part of the Humber Wetlands Project, and her PhD research investigated the medieval settlement development along the Lincolnshire Marsh coastline.