Conferences & Meetings

One of the chief aims of the MSRG is to hold regular meetings, lectures, seminars and conferences around the country. The peregrinations of the Group over the past decade are detailed below.

Summaries of all the gatherings and themes have been published in the MSRG journal and (former) Annual Report.

Forthcoming conferences…

Spring 2016 Conference

Recent archaeological research in rural settlements in Eastern England

University of Lincoln (UK), Friday 29th April – Sunday 1st May 2016

The Medieval Settlement Research Group 30th anniversary conference will review recent archaeological investigations in Currently Occupied Rural Settlements (CORS) in eastern England, where much exciting and innovative work has recently been carried out. There will be a special focus on the contribution of community projects to the academic study of rural settlements: community archaeology is increasingly popular across the UK and has made possible new discoveries in and around many settlements of medieval origin where people live today. This focus on non-deserted medieval settlements is also reflected in current scholarly research which recognises that most medieval settlements did not become permanently deserted, thus encompassing the non-deserted majority is a priority if understanding of the period is to be advanced. More information available here.

For more conferences see the Council for British Archaeology Briefing.

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