Conferences & Meetings

One of the chief aims of the MSRG is to hold regular meetings, lectures, seminars and conferences around the country. The peregrinations of the Group over the past decade are detailed below.

Summaries of all the gatherings and themes have been published in the MSRG journal and (former) Annual Report.

Forthcoming conferences…

Settlement in the Danelaw, Medieval Settlement Research Group Winter Seminar 2018

Hosted in collaboration with the Centre for English Local History at the University of Leicester, Leicester, Saturday 8th December 2018

We are delighted to announce that this year’s Seminar will incorporate two sessions. A new morning session will be dedicated to students presenting on any theme focusing on landscape and settlement studies in Britain, Ireland and Europe. This new student event will form the basis for the revised John Hurst Memorial Prize. Further details, including how to apply, can be found here.

This will be followed by our AGM. After lunch, we will turn our attention to our main theme – Settlement in the Danelaw. Confirmed speakers include Prof. Dawn Hadley, Prof. Julian Richards, Prof. David Stocker, Dr Stuart Wrathmell and Dr Rebecca Gregory. The main programme is available here.

Register online here: Registration

Further Information
For further information please contact Dr Susan Kilby:

For more conferences see the Council for British Archaeology Briefing.

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