Dr Mark McKerracher

Mark’s archaeological career began in Oxford in 2005 with a degree in classical archaeology, then segued into archaeobotany and early medieval archaeology, and a doctoral project about Anglo-Saxon agricultural innovation. Since 2017, following work in project management and software development, he has worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Oxford, specialising in archaeobotany, quantitative analysis and information technology on the “Feeding Anglo-Saxon England” (FeedSax) project. FeedSax is using a suite of bioarchaeological methods to address longstanding questions about the development of early medieval field systems, in a pioneering interdisciplinary approach. Mark has also undertaken freelance archaeobotanical work for academic, commercial and community projects, served as organizer of Oxford’s Archaeobotany Discussion Group, and since 2017 served as the Treasurer of the Association for Environmental Archaeology.