Dr David Stone

David Stone is a medieval economic and social historian. He was the first joint Oxbridge Research Fellow and has taught medieval and early modern history at the universities of Cambridge and Exeter. He is the author of Decision-Making in Medieval Agriculture (Cambridge, 2005) and he edited the accounts for the manor of Esher in the Winchester Pipe Rolls (2017), along with articles on topics such as diet, drought, sheep farming, labour productivity, the Black Death, Chaucer’s reeve, and monastic mortality. He has always sought to encourage and assist local communities to explore their past, not just using documents but through archaeology and the landscape, too. Most recently, he was involved in a Heritage Lottery-funded community project about medieval Dartmoor, co-writing Moor Medieval: Exploring Dartmoor in the Middle Ages (2019) and presenting two short films about medieval settlement on Dartmoor. He recently also trained to teach secondary Mathematics and is currently teaching at a school in Torbay.